Mortgage Document Preparation, Delivery and Management Services


Since 1987, GuardianDocs’ products and services have been built on best-in-class technology designed to provide automated, scalable and flexible multi-product capabilities in document creation, preparation, electronic or hard-copy delivery and automated document intake, imaging, recognition, data extraction and paperless storage solutions.

GuardianDocs Technology Solutions 

GuardianDocs Technology Solutions (GTS) is our proprietary platform that supports document preparation for all facets of residential lending, all wrapped in a comprehensive compliance warranty.  GTS also hosts document management technologies, including document intake by mail, fax or image, automated document recognition, data extraction and paperless workflow tools.

Within the GTS environment, GuardianDocs has coupled the generation of all lending- and loan servicing-related forms to the recognition of documents returned by the consumer through seamless means, increasing recognition rates and providing meaningful and prompt information to the end user.  Our streamlined approach transforms business operations into modernized, lean processes.

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Long-standing History of Dependability

With geographically diverse, redundant, on-shore operations and print facilities, and multiple tier-one data centers configured in an active-active state, GuardianDocs has a long-standing history of more than 99.9 percent up time in all our mortgage outsource services technology solutions.

We ensure complete business continuity, data security and exceptional service to clients nationally, with no single point of failure in the network, systems or operational infrastructure.  Additionally, capacity is continually measured and monitored to exceed client requirements in all data centers, thereby allowing us to divert traffic between sites as needed without any disruption.

Best-of-breed Technology

The increased scrutiny of today’s regulatory banking requirements for data security, vendor oversight, change management and operational controls is not daunting to us. GTS products are developed on a best-of-breed technology infrastructure with strong security and governance to ensure our clients have less to worry them.   Plus our risk management focus has generated an unparalleled knowledge of clients’ compliance needs.

Doc Preparation - Generation
  • GuardianDocs compliance experts ensure your documents are compliant with applicable law.   Leverage GTS DocExact™ to accurately generate any document in the mortgage life cycle – from origination, to loan closing, through servicing.

Doc Delivery
  • Any GTS-rendered document can be delivered in hard copy or electronic form.  Use GTS to print and mail your letters and solicitations or rely on our private-label GTS eDeliver or GTS eSign options, both with confirmed document delivery and download.

Doc Management